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About Proficient Constructors

Proficient Constructors LLC is a full-service building contractor offering comprehensive consulting and construction services throughout San Antonio. Our services include both residential and commercial construction for masonry, concrete, stucco, renovation, remodeling, and equipment contracting services. We provide complete construction services for all your masonry and project management needs.

Our dynamic organization offers an extensive portfolio of assets in the masonry and construction fields. We’re proud to say San Antonio businesses live, work, shop or are connected through an asset we have created, every single day. Our clients, partners and investors leverage our strengths and industry experience at any stage of the property and infrastructure spectrum – from training and certification to equipment rental and ownership, to project management & construction.

Regardless of the project size, we take pride in our commitment to providing uniform services for every client.  You can be guaranteed that every project we take on receives the same quality of workmanship and effort, because your project is as important to us, as it is to you.


  • MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)
  • HABE – Hispanic American Business Enterprise
  • SBE – Small Business Enterprise
  • ESBE – Emerging Small Business Enterprise
  • WBE – Women Business Enterprise
  • DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprise
  • HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)


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